What's it all about?


Raising awareness for two fantastic charities - Mankind Initiative and Mind. 

About 60 Hour Drumathon

In a nutshell, 60 hours, 40 bands, 1 drumer, raising money for two charities, Mind and Mankind Initiative.

Professional drummer, John Powney with the assistance of life long friend and sound engineer Chris Edgar are taking on a huge challenge as John attempts to drum for 60 consecutive hours.

Having successfully completed their first 24 hour Drumathon back in 2012 and again a 48 hour Drumathon in 2014,  John  and Chris have decided to up the ante to a 60 hour challenge this year. “This time we wanted to push ourselves further and put our minds and bodies through 60 hours plus of sleep deprivation and hallucinations, lol ”



2012 saw John take on his first drumaton, at the time we thought it was madness but looking back it seems like a walk in the park.


2014 it was decided that 48 hours would be more challenging and it was, with help from special friends he did it, this was a tough one! 


Now were in 2021 and its almost time for the 60 hour .... on no what have we let ourselves in for, serious challenge lies ahead! 

About John

Born in Kendal 1977, to Mary a musician and Ian a shoe mogul. John began whacking furniture with knitting needles at an early age. Somewhere around 82-83 he was severely affected by the Scottish pipe bands at the Edinburgh tattoo and Kendal torchlight festival. Plus his mother took him to see the touring orchestras and his father was part of the local jazz club at the Brewery arts centre. 
John got his first kit before secondary school and was jamming with several school bands in the subsequent years. Age 15-16 he fell in with the local music scene big boys and began properly gigging around the Northwest. 
Here he met legendary sound engineer Chris Edgar aka Balance Pro Audio. The two became firm friends and decided one day that they wanted to put their minds and bodies through 60 hours plus of sleep deprivation and hallucinations. 

John turned professional around 18, not only gigging, touring and recording but also teaching privately and in the local secondary schools. 
Many of his students continue to play and some have gone on to make music their career. 

John is now endorsed by London Drumstick Company and Murat Diril Cymbals (the best sticks and cymbals you can get) he currently plays with The Warner E Hodges band, The Seals, Seven Seals, Nick Latham, Bowie, Beak and Powney and there are murmured rumblings of a new tour band from the states, more to say on that later. 

In lockdown mental health has become a elephant in the room for many people. We don’t have the outlets, the bingo, football, gig, reading club, night out, meal etc. The isolation and disconnection only make matters worse. 
For many the lack of contact, mental and physical, can be extremely difficult to deal with. 
Depression, anxiety and suicide are sadly occurring far to often. 
Also abuse victims have almost nowhere to go, their lifelines have been cut off. And they fear for their safety, and often the safety of their children. 

Please support 60hourdrumathon anyway you can.